Decaffeinated and Caffeine Free Loose Leaf Tea

For your convenience, we have brought together a wide range of Decaffeinated Teas and Caffeine Free Tea.

Our teas are decaffeinated by using naturally occurring CO2 combined with high pressure and temperature.  We also stock naturally caffeine free teas, so you can be assured of a quality cup of tea without the worry that your  nights sleep will be affected.

Caribbean Christmas

Peace, tranquility and calm unfold with every sip of Caribbean Christmas fruit blend. A rich, warm, spicy and fruity flavour, with hints of rum and co...

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Cranberry Apple

Each sip imparts tart notes of freshly plucked cranberries and the crunchy flavour of fresh apples, along with a sweet astringency and a wonderful flo...

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Spiced Apple Fruit Tea

Spiced Apple Fruit Tea is a seriously delicious apple experience; with crisp character layered with spices and a light  cinnamon finish. Truly delight...

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Decaffeinated Earl Grey

High grown Ceylon tea combine with natural bergamot oils to create a beautifully refined Earl Grey. Decaffeinated using naturally occuring Co2, combin...

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Decaffeinated Sencha

The purest of decaffeinated teas , no chemicals, only great tasting green tea without the caffeine.TEA INGREDIENTS: Decaffeinated green tea ORIGIN: Hu...

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Rouge Cacao

Cacao beans provide a wonderful chocolate flavour to this truly refreshing, smooth rooibos tea. Bursting with flavour, the lemongrass adds a pleasing ...

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Mexican Vanilla

A sweet and fruity combination of vanilla and Rooibos creating an exceptionally smooth and delightful drink. Enjoy any time of day and experience a tr...

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Divine Fruit Profusion

The combination of hibiscus, rosehip, blackcurrants, elderberries and raisins results in the most extraordinary flavours that burst through in a tea t...

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