Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Once picked the leaf shoots leaves are gently withered to remove some of the moisture. When sufficiently dried they are tumbled in a bamboo drum, bruising the leaves and provoking  oxidation.  Oolongs are semi-oxidised which means  the process is halted after a certain time (for black teas this process is continued until full oxidation takes place). The process varies depending on the type of oolong being produced and ranges from 10% oxidation for a ‘green’ oolong, to over 60% for a darker Oolong.  To the complete the process the leaves are then pan fiired at high temperatures before being rolled and dried.

it is this varying level of oxidation that makes this tea type so exciting,offering a huge spectrum of flavour.  With such a wide range of high-quality oolong teas for you to enjoy, all beautifully flavoured –  dive in and find the one you love.

Oolong tea burns fat and increases muscle as part of your healthy lifestyle. Other health benefits include: 

  • helps reduce blood concentrations of fat (triglycerides)
  • helps reduce cholesterol
  • helps reduce blood pressure
  • has beneficial effects on progression of atherosclerosis
  • good for skin disorder recalcitrant AD
  • helps prevents tooth decay
  • complements diabetes treatments

Revive and Restore

 A superb blend of Oolong, White Tea, Yerba Mate and Lemon pieces for a boost to the metabolism and overall feel good factor. TEA INGREDIENTS:  Luxury...

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Formosa Fancy Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong Tea is created using  50-60% semi fermented leaves providing it with its wonderful fruity flavour and aftertaste. A great introduction ...

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Orange Blossom

A wonderful blend of high grown Oolong , an exquisite Ceylon Tea, Jasmine petals and naturally dried orange peel come together to provide a salsa on t...

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Pouchong Oolong

A light golden green liquor with a mild aroma and delicate flavour. A refreshing alternative to the more standard Oolong or Green teasTEA INGREDIENTS:...

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White Tip Oolong

One of the most popular 'Formosa' Oolongs.  White Tip Oolong is carefully selected and handpicked. The high white tip content produces a slightly frui...

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