Green Loose Leaf Tea

Want to try green tea? There is such a variety of green teas that you need to try them all. Start with the popular Chunmee, or the Bang Bang Mint for something slightly different. We love how refreshing they are. A green tea at ten resets my day.

Green tea leaves are enjoyed for their delicate, fresh and clean taste. Originating in China, green tea undergoes minimal manipulation, with the focus being on preventing oxidation in order to preserve the natural green colour. As a result they are less oxidised than black and oolong tea, but more so than white tea. Drink between 3 and 5 cups of green tea a day to enjoy their health benefits. 

As a delicate tea, green teas need to be steeped in water that has cooled from boiling; too high a temperate will result in bitter leaves.

Green tea has been shown to help boost your metabolism and burn body fat. The main health benefits of green tea are that they:

  • provide protection against cancer - although experts state evidence remains inconclusive
  • help prevent colds and flu symptoms
  • help prevent cardiovascular disease
  • give relief of menopausal symptoms

Bang Bang MInt Green Tea

This Ceylon Pekoe Gunpowder has a lovely smoky taste that infuses so well with the intense flavour of mint. TEA INGREDIENTS: Luxury green tea, Natural...

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Chunmee Taipan Superior

An original luxury China Tea: that is made from the very fine, emerald eyebrow shaped Chunmee leaf giving  a sweet mild yellow-green infusion. This pr...

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Decaffeinated Sencha

The purest of decaffeinated teas , no chemicals, only great tasting green tea without the caffeine.TEA INGREDIENTS: Decaffeinated green tea ORIGIN: Hu...

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Gin with a Twist

An amazing blend of green tea, herbs and botanicals combine to create a tea full of a Gin & Tonic experience, with a lemony twist. Enjoy hot or on...

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Japanese Sencha

This premium, traditional Japanese Sencha (commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies) has a rich flavour, full of depth with body cleansing properties....

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Summer Garden Green Tea

The combination of sencha green tea, strawberry and papaya pieces makes for summer in a cup and replicates the taste as you bite into a freshly picked...

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Jasmine Blossom

Highly regarded by the Chinese,  this green tea has all the flavour, aroma and great qualities you would expect of such a prized tea. The secret is hi...

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