Well Being Loose Leaf Teas

Tea Blends reknown for their beneficial attributes, whether it's to fight of colds and winter bugs, soothe the soul or just generally just make us feel good,then our range of Well Being Teas have something to offer.

Revive and Restore

 A superb blend of Oolong, White Tea, Yerba Mate and Lemon pieces for a boost to the metabolism and overall feel good factor. TEA INGREDIENTS:  Luxury...

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Stress Blaster

Containing herbs reported to help relieve mental and physical tiredness, improve mood and strengthen the body to handle stress, you'll feel you can ta...

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Liquorice Berry Burst

If you like liquorice you will love Liquorice Berry Burst. Not only does the liquorice give it an amazing flavour, but it has real depth with the addi...

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Nettle Tea

Even though our view of nettles may have been adversely coloured by memories of a childhood forest adventure spoiled by a nettle stings. This humble ‘...

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Purely Peppermint

Take outstanding peppermimt leaves from the seasons best cut and not surprisingly you get an amazing crisp, cool cup of tea bursting with a fresh ment...

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