Black Loose Leaf Tea

Want to try black tea? Try the robust Assam, or the subtle Darjeeling, the light Ceylon or the flavourful Orange Pekoe. And then blend your own. Mix Assam with loose leaf Earl Grey, or Ceylon with Masala Chai to create your own favourites. 

Black tea is the most highly produced variety of tea worldwide. It is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant (as are all true teas). It is the most oxidised of all tea varieties, with the leaves being completely fermented before drying.

Black tea contains antioxidants with a range of health benefits, and is often used to reduce fatigue and increase alertness. Whilst tea research is continuing, there have been significant studies suggesting black tea provides cardiovascular benefits.

We read that if you drink 3 or more cups of black tea a day it reduces your risk of stroke or heart attack; there have also been studies showing that black tea reduces cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Black tea is even a classic choice for iced teas, so if your tea consumption drops in the summer consider this refreshing alternative

Blakeney's Cravat

Just like Blakeney's alter ego the Scarlet Pimpernel,  this full flavoured Assam, Ceylon and China green tea blend is loaded with rakish charm.TEA ING...

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Borengajuli Assam Tea

Packed for freshness, the deep malted Assam flavour is captured and the flavour retained to taste just as it should. As fresh as the day it was plucke...

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Christmas Cheer

This tea greets you with the aromas of the season, with notes of cloves and cinnamon wafting from your cup. Blended with high quality Ceylon tea, the ...

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Classic Earl Grey Tea

High grown Ceylon tea blended with a smooth highest grade Keemun, infused with finest quality natural bergamot oil.  Complimented by blue cornflowers ...

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