Fruit Loose Leaf Tea

Want to try a fruit tea? In the humble opinion of the Two For Tea testers, nothing beats the rich sweetness our Sumptuous Berry or for something a bit more exotic go for the Tahitian Whisper with its accent of Coconut. 

Fruit teas are infusions of dried fruits, sometimes with added spices, flowers or herbs. They contain natural vitamins and minerals, are caffeine free, and can be enjoyed either hot, or cold over ice.

Fruit tea is naturally sweet and full of flavour.  Fruit tea is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is great for cleansing the body of toxins and keeping the immune system strong.  

Ignore Fruit Tea’s reputation for blandness. Our Fruit Teas are full of gorgeous and flavoursome fruit blends.

Caribbean Christmas

Peace, tranquility and calm unfold with every sip of Caribbean Christmas fruit blend. A rich, warm, spicy and fruity flavour, with hints of rum and co...

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Cranberry Apple

Each sip imparts tart notes of freshly plucked cranberries and the crunchy flavour of fresh apples, along with a sweet astringency and a wonderful flo...

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Spiced Apple Fruit Tea

Spiced Apple Fruit Tea is a seriously delicious apple experience; with crisp character layered with spices and a light  cinnamon finish. Truly delight...

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Divine Fruit Profusion

The combination of hibiscus, rosehip, blackcurrants, elderberries and raisins results in the most extraordinary flavours that burst through in a tea t...

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Exotic Mango Fruit Tea

Exotic Mango Fruit Tea has a deep rich mango flavour tempered with a hint of lemon, refreshing but not  overly sweet. Packed with Vitamin C and caffei...

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Orchard Grove Fruit Tea

Packed with Vitamin C, each cup bursts with flavour and goodness. Enjoy hot, or as an iced tea, which ever you go for,  you will find it totally refre...

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Sumptuous Berry

The careful choice of berries, results in the most extraordinary flavour sensations bursting through with every sip. Sumptuous Berry Fruit Tea is deli...

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Tahitian Whisper Fruit Tea

Drunk hot or iced, this pina colada style fruit infusion has a wonderful depth of tropical fruits, accented with coconut. TEA INGREDIENTS:Apple Pieces...

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