Divine Fruit Profusion

    Two For Tea

    The combination of hibiscus, rosehip, blackcurrants, elderberries and raisins results in the most extraordinary flavours that burst through in a tea that not only tastes great but is healthy too. Delicious both served hot or over ice.

    TEA INGREDIENTS: Luxury Hibiscus, Elderberries, Dried Black Currants, Apple, Blueberries, Cornflowers, 

    ORIGIN: Canada, USA, Thailand and Spain. Grown: Approx 1000ft above sea level 

    CAFFEINE: None

    LEAVES: Blend of dried fruit and herbs

    AROMA: Wonderfully fruity  

    WELLBEING: Comforting, Relaxing 

    COLOUR: Deep burgundy red 

    TASTE: Fruity, slightly tart flavour with a mellow smoothness and natural sweetness 

    FLAVOUR: Slightly Sweet, Fruity 

    STRENGTH: Full Bodied


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