Ways to brew loose leaf tea

To fully appreciate your loose leaf tea, it is essential you choose a good quality tea and water. 

Ensure you read and fully understand the preparation guide for the tea you are using and that your water is at the correct temperature (you can find out more about temperature on our FAQs page). 

There are lots of ways to brew your loose leaf - you may be limited to what equipment you have available, but here are just some of the methods which can help your brew that perfect cuppa.

Traditional Teapots with built in Spout Strainer

These specific tea pots have numerous holes punched in the body to allow liquid to flow out, whilst retaining the leaves.

Although these have a tendency to clog up with tea leaves and holes, sometimes, tend to be on the large side, they allow small fragments of tea to pass through. This is not a perfect option for those who require a leaf free tree but is an option.

Tea StrainerTea Strainer 

There’s nothing wrong with the humble tea strainer, that has served well for many years. 

Simply pour your tea into the cup through your strainer to catch the leaves. However, any residual leaves left in the teapot will continue to infuse which may cause a bitter taste, unless all the contents of the teapot is put into cups when ready. Using smaller tea pots and tea pots for one can help with thi.

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 Paper tea bag filters. 

If you like the convenience of tea bags, then paper tea filters are the best for you. These are ingenious, biodegradable, chlorine free and designed for your loose-leaf tea to move around while infusing. Once used, simply throw away your filter bag in your compost. 

Tea pots with inbuilt infusers DARJEELING GLASS TEAPOTDarjeeling Glass Tea Pot

These are a modern alternative to teapots, with a removeable infuser and come in many great designs. 

Simply spoon your loose-leaf tea into the mesh infuser inside the teapot, pour on the water at the correct temperature; wait for the appropriate time for your tea to infuse. Then, simply dispose of the basket of leaves from the infuser in your compost or bin. Now your tea is ready to be served. Don’t forget to give your infuser a quick rinse.

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Fred Slow Brew InfuserInfusers 

Infusers come in all shapes and sizes. Some being a simple mesh ball (or other shape) often with a chain; others, with a long-fixed handle, often sprung to allow opening and closing.

The crème de la crème of infusers (in terms of ease of use) are cradles that sit in the top of your cup or teapot.  You simply place the infuser (holding the leaves) into your cup or teapot, wait the required brewing time then remove the infuser. 

After use, simply discard the leaves and wash your infuser by hand as the chemicals used in a dishwasher are very powerful and will in time damage your infuser. Cradle infusers are a cost effective re-useable method to infuse your tea.

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Remember, care must be taken care of when infusing tea. Instead of achieving depth of flavour, it can lead to a bitter taste when left too long. Check out our ‘How long to brew loose leaf tea’ section for advice on care when infusing tea.