White Tip Oolong

    Two For Tea

    One of the most popular 'Formosa' Oolongs.  White Tip Oolong is carefully selected and handpicked. The high white tip content produces a slightly fruity aroma and a very smooth, rich tasting peachy golden liquor which lingers on the palate.

    TEA INGREDIENTS: Premium Oolong Tea 

    ORIGIN: Pei Pu, Taiwan Grown: 

    CAFFEINE: Approx. between 20 - 30mg per cup 

    LEAVES: Highest grade handpicked leaves. Fermentation (oxidation) 50 - 60%

     AROMA: Wonderfully fresh, with slight fruity aroma 

    COLOUR: Light golden yellow

    TASTE: Smooth and rich with light peach notes and pleasant after taste 

    BENEFITS: Refreshing, Cleansing 

    FLAVOUR: Peach, Slightly Fruity: 

    STRENGTH: Light Bodied 


    Postal Weight Standard 0.10kg

    Postal Weight Sample 0.028kg

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